Milly (wiccagal_1996) wrote in tennantastic,

Fic from Wic ;-D

Hey ho all.

I bring ickle bits of writing.
*Gasp* Yes, she who is known as Wic has comitted fanfiction ;-D I know I don't write often but these two little concepts caught my fancy. Nothing spectacular but still worth a read I think.

Title: Wise beyond
Author: wiccagal_1996
Summary: Wisdom isnt something found through age.
Word count: 156
warning: If you're as soppy as me there may be need for a tissue.

Title: Once remembered
Author: wiccagal_1996
Summary: A little bit of hope.
Word count: 106(I said little ;D)
Rating: Completely U-as in universally sappy.
A/N: The first one is quite angsty there for I've given you something a little more hopeful to finish on. Comments welcome. The last one is a little bastract, just to give you fair warning.

Quite right too...
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