Kitty (sherbertglasses) wrote in tennantastic,

Little fic challenge

So the Doctor has a huge man-crush on Shakespeare. (at least, I thought so) And Shakespeare appears to be bisexual as inferred in this quick line:

Doctor: We can get on with the flirting later!
Shakespeare: Is that a promise, Doctor?
Doctor: ... A thousand academics just punched the air.

Anyway, I've never slashed the Doctor before, but I would really like to see a fic about the Doctor sharing an intamate night with Will. I would write it myself, but I'd probably just keep telling my self I will and never get around to it.

This is what I would like to see:

- The Doctor and Will talk about personal things in that slightly poetic way you just know they would talk together.
- snogging
- No anal! Yeah, I'm sorry but all I can think while reading that is just "Ouch!"  If  you'd rather it go that way, then I would prefer that the actual sex be an omitted scene and go straight to the pillow talk
- Heavy petting, hand jobs, and blow jobs are okay but not required
- sharing grief. The Doctor talks about Rose and Shakespeare talks about his son.
- Not a PWP! I would like this to be about sharing angst, and a mutual respect and admiration.

Thanks in advance to anyone considering taking this on! ^-^
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